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September 23, 2021

What Is Answer The Public?

Answer The Public is a keyword tool that visualizes search questions and suggested autocomplete searches in an image called a search cloud.

The best way to get the most insightful data out of AnswerThePublic is to run a few reports with related keywords. Try to stick to one or two words at a time and then try the variations around it. You’ll find you get very little back if you type in a full sentence.

Keyword Research in Attraction Marketing

The importance of keyword research is well recognized, judging by the proliferation of keyword research tools, software, and services that are available on the Internet. The challenge is most online business owners don’t really understand the value of it or whether or not it’s important for them to do it.

Optimizing your website for the right keywords is crucial to getting the right visitors to your website. They’re what gets you found by people searching for the products and services you offer. Keywords are small things, but pack a lot of punch when it comes to being seen by the right people and getting found at the right time.

It therefore pays to know what are the best keywords for your market, and how to make correct use of them for optimal results in your website.

How can I learn more about using AnswerThePublic?

This video guide will help you to consider what terms you put into AnswerThePublic – because the better your input, the better your output.

How to understand the branches of your report?

Here is a great infographic from the team at SearchListening to help you understand each branch and get the most out of your report.

understanding answer the public branches

Image Courtesy of

Go here for a high-resolution image

How to Download Image Wheels to your Computer:

A short video guide on how to download image wheels, both low- and hi-res, from your AnswerThePublic reports.

Answer the Public is a great site for researching ideas for blog posts, videos, and podcasts. But you can get even more details from Answer the Public when you add Keywords Everywhere.

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