Attraction Marketing Strategy For Online Businesses

September 23, 2021

Attraction Marketing Strategy


In the video above, online marketing Kiowka Tamil discusses the importance of attraction marketing and gives simple tips for implementing attraction marketing in your own online business.

These attraction marketing strategies are great for online business startups or for anyone who wants to start an online business; especially if you’re in the home business arena.

If you’re in the home business niche, you need to know how to attract people you want to work with. Tamil gives you her top three ways to get those people to reach out to you. 

Tamil has built a successful business online.

She reminds us that regardless of where you promote your business – social media sites, blog posts, paid ads, using video, or whatever the platform – the rules for attracting people online is virtually the same.

Tip #1. Become a giver. 

Create value and give it away. If you are marketing and promoting your business online, you need to give away valuable information. 

When you give away valuable information, prospects and clients see you as a valuable resource. As such, you create trust. Your audience won’t just see you as someone who just wants to make a sale and just wants to take their money.

Start providing solutions to the problems the people in your niche experience. What are their concerns, challenges, fears, etc? Help them overcome their issues by providing valuable insight and information.

Focus on becoming a problem solver. Teach people how to do something that you’ve learned, and help them solve some of their biggest problems.

One way that you can do this is by creating content. 

You can create a video like the one you’re watching. Or maybe you can create a blog and post articles that help your audience, offer free training, or create PDF guides and give them away. 

Providing valuable information helps you become an authority in your market. 

Tip #2.

Become an Attraction Marketing Authority or Expert


It’s more important than ever to become an authority in your industry. You may think that the market is overcrowded, but don’t be fooled.

 Most people assume that you have to be an author, self-employed or a CEO to be seen as an authority.

  1. Focus on a very specific topic area (niche).
  2. 10,000 hours of working in your area.
  3. Own the keywords in your area of expertise.
  4. Blog.
  5. Write guest articles for high-traffic blogs.
  6. Write a book or eBook. 
  7. Schedule speaking engagements.
  8. Create and run seminars and/or webinars.
  9. Send Press Releases.
  10. Do a radio show or internet radio show.
  11. Help others succeed. 
  12. Do research in your area and own the data.
  13. Create information products based on your expertise.
  14. Participate in Influencer projects.

Becoming an authority, expert, or influencer is all within your control. Focus on where you spend the most time, money, effort, and skill, and share it consistently and persistently.  

when you attract people online, you want to be that authority figure, you want to become that go-to person, the leader who helps others reach their goals. 

Tip #3. Market Your Business Like a Professional.

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When you market your business like a professional, this is where you know the success really rolls in you know you should be learning how to build an audience online without spamming like crazy, then you need to know how to engage that audience and keep them coming back for more valuable information. 

You need to provide for them. Then you finally need to learn how to sell to that audience, and the only way that you can do this is by getting the proper training that teaches you.

You know how to effectively market and attract your ideal customer or for that matter, even your ideal business partner. 

So if you’re wondering you know where you can go to learn, you know how to do these things. How to you know to start a blog: how to build your email list. 

How to generate leads online or social media for your online business. Then I encourage you to check out a system that I’m using you know and that’s been teaching me.

Basically, what I just taught you a second ago, you know you need to learn how to attract interested people. 

Well, I hope you got a lot of value out of this information. I hope you can take some of these strategies and basically implement them in your business. 

You know to get more leads to make more sales for your business, so you know: go ahead, go down to the description, click the link in the description. So that you can get access to that system and, lastly, you know I will be sending you free training, because I like to give away free training all the time that’s gonna help you you know, build your business so make sure that you look out For that as well, all right guys.

You know, I hope that you enjoyed this video as well all right. Well, you know, take this information run with it, and I will see you in the next video 

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